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Premier Provider of Janitorial and Cleaning Services with a High-Tech edge in Kent,

For close to a decade Square Inch has been providing Kent WA quality Janitorial services with a High-Tech edge. One of our most valued clients in Kent WA, Astronics Custom Control Concepts has trusted us for years to provide them with the cleaning services needed to maintain a pristine office environment. But even more importantly, they rely on us to keep their production area in near clean room condition all while having the knowledge to protect their extremely high tech systems.

In the very beginning when we took over the cleaning services for ACCC they were in poor condition. They were paying for service with another janitorial service provider that simply did not follow up on their employees work. This resulted in much neglect and not providing the customer with the services they were paying for. It was not ACCC’s job to follow up, they had other work to do. So the dust balls grew until they finally had to make a change.

When Square Inch took over the janitorial services it took several weeks to get the building up to par. Since then we have adjusted the schedule and tasks many times to fit with their cleaning service requirements. Never suggesting unnecessary services, but always anticipating their needs.

Services we helped ACCC with to be more proficient in their business.

  • Floating Task List – This lets us focus on the areas that need cleaning and not waste time just going through the motions cleaning things and areas that don’t require it so much.
  • Inventory Management – Freeing up your time and keeping things in check.
  • Hi-Tech Janitorial with focus on Systems Security – With over 20 years of IT experience we have the knowledge to safely work around communications and electronic systems.

Some cleaning services have a task list and check it off each visit. This is great, you should complete all the main tasks. But with ACCC we’ve done things a bit different. We’ve gotten to the point that there is a trust between us. Honestly some tasks just don’t need to be done each night, so we changed our service to do what needs to be done as on the list, but then focus on areas that require service that might not be on a list. This keeps the whole building in better maintenance.

Another thing we did was take over the inventory management for their consumable supplies. In the past they were going with a national supplier who had them under contract, charged them multiple monthly fees and dumped a ton of inventory on them. This was extremely expensive and we knew a better way. We took over the inventory management, told them what they needed to order and where to order it. We also assisted them with replacement dispensers. Now they are savings literally thousands each year. And this is all part of our regular service. We can help your company save money too. We’re much more than just a janitorial service provider.

Security of your systems is of the highest concern. Wherever you place your equipment, under desks, in closets, You can feel secure that we know proper procedure in how to clean around them.

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Remember, we are a facilities maintenance provider. Mainly known for our Green Janitorial service, but we perform other vital tasks that companies need. Services like IT infrastructure support, Pest control systems management, Janitorial inventory management. Extra Value!